Giving the tool administrative privileges helps ensure that it can delete files in the download cache.

Sometimes updates will error out, or sometimes Windows Update may just get stuck “searching for updates” forever. This troubleshooter is available on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

You’ll find it in the same place on all modern versions of Windows.

Choosing Pro Guidance enables turn-by-turn voice instructions, automatic rerouting, speed limit alerts, POI along the route and unlimited map updates for a selected region.

Pro Guidance is a paid option with a lifetime license for the selected region.

There are no roaming costs and your battery lasts longer.

Download, remove and redownload professional car navigation maps for an unlimited time.Instantly view realtime traffic info and adjusted travel times on multiple saved routes.Live Traffic is a paid option with a lifetime license for a selected region.Genius Maps is a free offline maps app for i OS and Android with maps that are free to download and use forever for route planning and pedestrian navigation.Genius Maps provides a blazingly fast and silky smooth user experience.Genius Maps is a free application that installs on your mobile device.