There is also a 2MP front facing camera which can also record Full HD videos.So looking at the specs you might think why haven’t you included MX4 among the top 5?Mlais is a relatively a newbie to the highly competitive Chinese mobile market.

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We’ve provided detailed information regarding the company profile and the smartphone itself so that you could take a smarter decision towards selecting the phone that suits your needs. If you still haven’t had the “Wow” effect, then go through it again! Shenzhen, China, the home to many Chinese mobile giants like Xiaomi, Gionee among others.

We’ve broken this list into two parts – the Top 5, which are the latest and the greatest Chinese phones available in the market to import and the next 5 which are a little dated but still a great choice. Founded in November 2004, Le TV is one of China’s biggest and fastest growing Internet companies whose main business is to stream media content in smart devices i.e. They expanded their business beyond the borders of China to various parts of Southeast Asia, Europe and even parts of America. Like many other Chinese companies ELEPHONE had started off as an R&D company and then migrated to become an OEM.

The highlights of this phone is an alloy chassis, brushed metal back and a Fingerprint sensor on the back below the camera. But Elephone is running a special launch offer where they are giving away 15,000 units of P7000 for $160 every Wednesday using the ELE Codes.

The Elephone P7000 is priced at an attractive price of $200 i.e. This is the link to buy the Elephone P7000, but note the price stated is excluding shipping cost and import duties.

You can also mull importing these 5 phones just in case you want more option.

Meizu is fairly a well known player in the world of Chinese phones.

It was just last year that they announced their entry into the smartphone market and that led to the origin of the S1, S1 Pro and Max. It’s been 8 years since the establishment, and ELEPHONE now has staff strength of 1000, of which most are employed in R&D division.

S1 is the most important amongst them, solely due to the cost to specs ratio! But the best thing about ELEPHONE is that they care about the ROM on which the phone is running which is unlike most other Chinese brands.

Those will add up to you final price in the cart depending upon where you are shipping them.