"What we're seeing is a superficial sophistication," says William Damon, director of the Stanford University Center on Adolescence."There's been no increase in the values that help a kid get through the confusion of life in a steady, productive way." Of course, every kid's story is unique, and there are certainly lots of youngsters who sail through these years with few problems.

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Instead of playing with Barbies and Legos, they're pondering the vagaries of love on "Dawson's Creek." The girls wear sexy lingerie and provocative makeup created just for tweens in order to complete what some parents call the Lolita look.

The boys affect a tough-guy swagger--while fretting about when their voices will change. For most of their lives, the economy has been booming.

I get up at every morning, go to school and have to rush through all my classes, come home and work on my homework, go to ice-skating lessons, watch a little TV, talk on the phone, do more homework and practice my violin. And then the entire ordeal starts again." Allie dreams about building a time machine.

"It would be great to just sit around, make quilts and bake pies," she says.

"Every day I could meet with my friends and have tea.

If I lived on a farm, I could get up and collect the eggs in the morning and spin yarn.Downtown has gotten better since I moved here in 2000.Still not the coolest place I have ever lived, but it has become home.NHL All Star game a few years ago put it on the map. "The fact that a public university is going to spend mandatory student fees on such an event is just repulsive," said Emma Benson, an NCSU student and state co-chair of the No Way Am I Getting Laid for Valentine's Since All Sex Is Rape Committee, in a phone conversation with Campus Reform.detroitdoesntsuckthatbad: I used to live a few blocks from where they filmed the original. Great bars, good beer, good music and pretty girls. Downtown has gotten better since I moved here in 2000.Still not the coolest place I have ever lived, but it has become home. Glenwood was a very short walk and a reasonable stumble home. Such a cool restaurant, kinda blew when the new mgmt took over a few years back."When we're alone," Maja says, "we get weird and crazy and still act like kids.