And since Dave worked online and hated approaching women in public, he decided to try these new skills with online personals dating sites. By doing this he was able to test what worked and what didn't work online very quickly.Dave tried just about everything, but quickly found out that meeting women online was very different than meeting women in real life. Dave decided to take a scientific approach to meeting women online and started putting up profiles all over the U. Soon after, he was sending out close to 5,000 emails a month, spread out over almost 50 different profiles!She has her finger on the Pacific Northwest music pulse.

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Each year when GWAR heads out on tour, you can expect that the band will be dressed in “alien attire.” Fans can expect that their seemingly innocent white t-shirts will look like they just survived a zombie apocalypse by the end of the night, and venue staff can expect there will be a little more clean-up at the end of their shift.

What remains to be known is what “theme” the band will take on once they hit the road.

GWAR’s world domination includes band support from Battlecross, and Born of Osiris, and will continue through the end of November.

Mocha Charlie is an amazing photographer who has a real passion for music.

commentating as he shows you EXACTLY how to create the most appealing profiles, how to flirt online, and how to guarantee to get a date with ANY girl.

Whether it be dating sites like or social-networking sites like My Space, Dave M's techniques are simply amazing.From that point on it was like the floodgates opened up.Dave's success started to increase, but something was missing.They are aloof about it (using terms like “Spew Tube” and “Fistbook”).For those afraid of “internet dating,” just think how difficult it might be for “Blothar” to get a date? You don’t look anything like your profile picture,” becomes an understatement.He needed to see if his results could work on others, so he tried it on some friends of his, and their results skyrocketed as well! After his interview with David De Angelo, Dave was bombarded with friends practically begging him to release his program. He explains exactly how to use his system for yourself, in detail.