The answer is simple: our behavior patterns are hugely influenced by our genes, we have a tenacious gene memory that spreads onto our subconscious layers.

So, whenever you are dating a Moldovan woman, you are trying to repeat the successful mating attempts of your predecessors. It will take a woman from Moldova nine months to carry her baby in her womb before she gives birth.

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Why do we often get so cynical when we see Western men courting Eastern European women?

Can a genuine, true love blossom across the countries with different income levels?

Indeed, you fall in love in order to procreate a baby who will be able to survive in this ever changing, sometimes hostile world.

So, you need access to the best female gene pool available on the gene market.

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But let’s consider this question – why are international dating sites offering only Moldovan mail order brides, not the grooms from Moldova?

Why are Moldovan ladies expecting Western men to fly over to their capital to marry them?

You can take a better care of her than most of the forlorn males of her own tribe. Of course, we have moved along in our social and cultural games in comparison with our predecessors.