Even in the past women were reluctant to choose the males with a low social status as their life partners. Because poverty spelled out a lower survival rate for the children.

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You can take a better care of her than most of the forlorn males of her own tribe. Of course, we have moved along in our social and cultural games in comparison with our predecessors.

You will need to honor certain dating and mating rituals to come into possession of your ultimate prize – the Moldovan woman who will store and multiply your genes.

But let’s consider this question – why are international dating sites offering only Moldovan mail order brides, not the grooms from Moldova?

Why are Moldovan ladies expecting Western men to fly over to their capital to marry them?

Our vehicles full of elated love emotions and genes travel in both directions. In the past the role of a woman was to give birth to a baby, to breast-feed and to rear this child.

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