I then received the most BIZARRE message from Match. "Please know that due to our Terms of Use your Match account has been terminated.We believe this action to be best for our member community." LOL, OMG, and every other acronym. If you see me you would be ROTF, as I always get great compliments on looks and personality.

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(The first email was the "Why is my account locked??? I cannot find a way to get to something with a pulse.

My subscription runs out in 12 days, and I had it set to NOT automatically renew.

If I don't hear from a human being at Match by noon tomorrow, I will be contacting an attorney.

I don't see how they can legally lock you out of your account and not talk to you at all.

Check email for Match communication." I did not receive an emailing explaining why my account had been deactivated so I sent an email to Match explaining that I could not get on and explained the message I received.

The tech person responded and said he would turn it over to the appropriate department.

I recently had numerous amounts of emails from this dating website telling me that if I join this dating site I would get the first month for free. One of three things has happened to me and will probably happen to many others: You receive messages from others who you are CLEARLY not attracted to.

Initially I logged in, put in all my details and photo-essays, and I over the next few days a had a lot of likes, interests, and messages, but I was not allowed to see or read these interests and messages unless I subscribed which apparently first month was for free so I subscribed and automatically 9 was taken out of my account on i Tunes which I'm disputing of course. I should have taken the advice of my friends, and from the countless reviews both listed in the App Store and from many sites online. I thought would weed out these people based on my set preferences, but I guess not. (However, I did read that there are A LOT of fraudulent profiles so beware.)Out of the hundred messages I sent to the gentleman I was attracted to, maybe only 3 responded. The absolute worst thing is their customer service.

I should be guarded, not those fake people I have read about in other reviews.