(vergiss nicht "Arenapartner" gegen den Namen deines Partners auszutauschen)Schnelle "Shield Barrier" mit einer (Tasten)Belegung. Aber im Forum macht keiner etwas für dich, was du selbst erledigen kannst.Wir helfen lediglich, falls ein Spieler nicht weiter kommt :)Ghara Und warum sollten wir das für dich tun?

The art of photography is about looking for a motif, composing the shot and pushing the shutter at exactly the right instant.

The art of Tricolor is to make the captured moment visible in a specific, special way. In communication with clients, Nora Howald and Alex Goldsmith conceive ways to bring ideas to fruition and find solutions to unresolved issues.

The presentation of the final exposures or prints is the ultimate confirmation of our efforts in the lab.

Concurrently, we experience the final product for the first time through the eyes of the client – private and professional photographers, gallery owners, curators, advertisers, publishers and others.

In an initial consultation, they discuss the techniques, formats and paper that are best suited for you. Of course, discussion about a project may end up leading in a different direction to the one originally intended. With analogue photographs, the first stage of processing involves developing the exposed film using a chemical mixture.

Depending on the purpose, this is followed by enlarging the image via traditional means or scanning the negative, resulting in a data set that can be subsequently edited using computer software – in digital photography, this data set is created immediately upon taking the photo.

Whether it is monograph production, the reuse of existing material, or the archiving of a collection, we exclusively use high-end drum scanners for image digitalisation. Image editing activities run the gamut from exposure and colour correction to content manipulation, or even obscuring the image to the extent that it bears almost no resemblance to the original.

At Tricolor, the focus is on using digital image editing tools to subtly enhance the mood of a composition, the style of a series of images and the visual identity of the photograph at hand.

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