So, the facemask must be able to provide both performance and protection.

Depending on the position you play, there are many options to fit your needs.

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Specifically, you will see players wearing these facemasks in college and the professional ranks more often than junior and varsity levels. These cool football facemasks are not as light as titanium, but lighter than carbon steel.

Stainless steel facemasks are recommended for serious football players at the youth and high school level, but casual players of the game would also enjoy this facemask.

As we enter into another year, it is time to discuss some of the best football facemask options in 2017 for you.

Since there are so many different types of facemasks to choice from, it can be a daunting and overwhelming task to pick the right one.

Whether its type of mask or the right color, we are here to discuss all the options. The many options will ultimately help you find the right facemask for protection.

When picking the best facemask for you, make sure that it fits onto the football helmet that you own.

This gives football players a great advantage, keeping them quick on their feet and well-conditioned throughout the game.

In all reality, titanium is up to 60% lighter than carbon steel.

Telling the difference between facemasks might be confusing, since most look the same, but there are acronyms that explain the different bar configurations and which position players they help protect.