If you successfully knock a creature prone, you may immediately Spring Attack again, and your movement speed is reset for the round (allowing you to move up to your speed again).You receive a melee attack at your highest attack bonus against the next creature you Spring Attack, and if you hit and damage the second creature, you force the same saving throw, and if it falls, you might be able to Spring Attack again.The creature is no longer considered helpless and is simply prone.

Additionally, whenever you successfully knock a creature prone with an Overrun attempt while raging and frenzying, all enemy creatures within 60 feet who can see you (including the creature you Overrun) must make a Will save (DC 10 1/2 your character level your Strength modifier) or be shaken for the duration of your rage/frenzy.

If you have the Trample feat, when you rage or frenzy, your mount gains the benefits and the penalties of your rage/frenzy, as well as the benefits of the Enraged Overrun feat.

If you hit, the creature must make a Will save (DC 10 1/2 your character level your Strength modifier) or be stunned for 1 round.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Dodge, Rage or Frenzy, Improved Uncanny Dodge Benefit: While you are raging or frenzying, any dodge bonuses that would apply to your AC are instead treated as if you had Damage Reduction 1/- per point of AC they would provide. This DR/- stacks with any other DR/- you might have, such as from the barbarian class feature.

Additionally, while you are raging or frenzying, you receive a 1 circumstance bonus to melee attack and damage rolls made against the target of your Dodge feat.

This bonus increases by 1 per four character levels you have, to a maximum of 6 at 20th level.

The number of extra Spring Attacks this feat grants is limited to your BAB/5 (So a barbarian with 20 BAB could Spring Attack a total of 5 times per round, assuming he was able to knock each creature prone).

You may not use this feat to Spring Attack the same creature more than once per round.

As the hatred fills your body, your swings instinctively go for weak spots.