This coupled the leading company in the targeted dating space, People Media, with the leading company in the general dating space, Prior to's acquisition, People Media was the top performing company in American Capital's portfolio.Casale Media believes in all Internet users' rights to privacy.

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This is designed to combat attacks that keep trying to authenticate multiple times over a very short period of time.

In other words, this component of our system is designed to identify the typical behavior of automated brute-force attacks and stop those requests from reaching our network.

If these requests go un-checked, this results in wasted resources and affects the overall performance of your hosting services.

Here are some important points to consider: First, log into your Account Center.

Concurrently, the American Capital Technology Group worked closely with People Media, improving infrastructure and controls, building a senior management team, including former Yahoo executive Joshua Meyers as CEO, and launching strong partnerships such as the one with AOL Personals marking the first of several targeted dating sites.

The entrepreneurs behind Zencon Technologies LLC created additional sites when they realized they were attracting members to sign up without doing any marketing.People Media is owned by, an operating company of IAC.announced on July 7, 2009, the acquisition of People Media from American Capital Ltd for million in cash.This system monitors login attempts from FTP, SSH, and SMTP services.These automatic systems are intelligent enough to know not to block an IP address if you fail authenticating once or twice.A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a website's computer and stored on your computer's hard drive.