The government declared it a "panchayat" in 1858, and as a "town area" in 1907, but, seeing the town's development, the Uttar Pradesh government declared it a nagar panchayat in 1994.

Historical records show Kunkarki's existence in the 10th century.

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The owner of the market is Babu Dinesh Bal Bhatnagar the eminent personality of Kundarki who has been the writer of many books (History of Kundarki-"Humare Kundarki"; Shiv Aradhana; Guru Mahima; Kapaldhari Strot And "Taj" family business - Taj traders, Yusuf transport company, Hussian breakwork, Nida enterprises a they make a warehouse for villagers, etc.).

I remember hearing a hadith on how a person is married for 4 things – beauty, wealth, family status, righteousness, but that a believer should give preference to righteousness (or something to that effect).

Kundarki is a nagar panchayat (town) in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India. In 1962 the Waterworks (pani ki tanki), in 1976 "Power House", in 1986 the Police station was introduced.

In 1960 the development of "Block" took place in this town.

This principle is well taught to us by Hadhrat Umar رضي الله عنه when once a witness went to depose before him.

Hadhrat Umar رضي الله عنه said bring to me one who knows you.

In 1874, Mir Hadi Ali, grandfather of Sir Saeyad Raza Ali (born in 1880), made a big contribution by introducing a railway station in Kundarki. Kundarki has also given birth to many freedom fighters named "Babu Jiva Ram Advocate; Munshi Ratanlal; Sayeed Razi Ul Hasan".

The Mazar of Qazi Abdul Razaq is still present in Kundarki in front of Lala Surendra Bhushan's house. Even the famous Qawwali singer Shankar Shambhu was also from Kundarki.

Akbar Husain (Ex Minister) Rani Indra Mohni (Ex Minister) was a famous Congress Party leader. The Qazi Mosque serves as the main socio-cultural center in the town.

There is a huge market complex named "Babu Mahesh Bal Bhatnagar Complex" which has been the source of employment for 150-160 people since 1999.

The eye catching thing about Kundarki is its beautiful mini Taj Mahal.