Played in local bands together while still having our country records at the bottom of our rock & blues stack.After we got our driver's licenses, we hardly saw each other anymore.

He just happened to need a guitar player for a couple of months, so we kicked around Texas for the winter.

His band later became Neil Mc Coy's band and still is today.

Six months later I moved to Santa Cruz to work with Ginny Mitchell in her trio for the summer (two guitars and bass) doing country, bluegrass, and swing. Tired of being a noodling beach bum, I headed south to L. where I played seven nights a week in Huntington Beach with Chad Watson, Mike Thomas, and Alan Rich (Charlie's boy), met hundreds of new pickers, got my ass kicked by thousands of guitar players, it was wonderful. I was lucky enough to get to play on many demos and recordings of everything but jazz; I still get a headache when I try to figure that stuff out. I decided Nashville was my next move, knowing they fully needed another noodler with a Telecaster.

I even considered giving up food for music - there was so much variety there. So I stopped in San Angelo, TX, to visit Lynn Massey, former drummer of Red Steagall's band, whom I'd met in Calgary 10 years earlier.

All I could say was "Nashville." I'd always enjoyed the live music scene in Austin, especially the variety: country, blues, swing, jazz, tejano, salsa, and everything else you can think of.

At that point I had enough of the pop bubble gum music that I hadn't cared for the first time around, being played on the radio and in all the studios.Don Kelley is the best band leader Nashville has ever known.Being a great player himself, he always let the guitarist in his band go nuts within reason, his.At that point, I was gone enough and Johnny needed a steady gig, and I think he's still playing there with Don.After not listening to commercial radio anymore for the last two years, I was asked when I moved to Austin, TX in an interview what had brought me to Austin.Discovered Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Albert King, and Johnny Winter. Also got my first Fender and began to woodshed and eat.