But, once your 12-months expires, the phone number is deleted and you will have to purchase another SIM card.

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There is a TIM stand in departures in Rome Terminal 1. TIM will ONLY accept Italian credit cards, so if you intend to use an American credit card (or one issue in any country other than Italy) to add credit to your account, TIM will not be a good choice for you.

One issue with Italian cell providers is that unless you speak Italian, it may be difficult to navigate through the options such as adding talk time, checking your call credit or accessing voicemail.

from within Italy, as they will then be calling locally.

Each cell phone provider has numerous rate packages for voice, messaging, and data, and the offers vary considerably and frequently.

Roaming rates, particularly for data services, can literally cost thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, you will have an Italian phone number which is advantageous if you plan on receiving phone calls from friends, families, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Additionally, ensure that data roaming is disabled.

Clients have reported attempting to activate multiple times with zero luck.

You may purchase a SIM card for Italy prior to your departure or once you have arrived in Italy.

Purchasing prior to your trip will cost a bit more but it's worth it.

Alll software is built into the dongle - just plug it into the USB port.