As though swiping left or right on the basis of someone’s profile photo wasn’t superficial enough, a dating app tailored for “elites” is now further simplifying the screening process of an ideal partner., Ivory is described as “Maybe a dating app for Singapore’s high-achievers.Maybe a byproduct of elitism, meritocracy and the Graduate Mother’s Scheme.”, and is claimed to be founded by two Anglo-Chinese School alumni and a random “angmoh”.In fact, none of the early citations in the (1963): “We called you the Ivory Tower group.

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As the way we evaluate an individual’s value within the community changes, the fabric of our societal beliefs will change as well.

Men and women alike will be conditioned into feeling rewarded for prioritising practical characteristics over moral values, achievements over personalities.

But if you’re not going to write something worth reading in your profile, you might as well do the rest of us a favor and just leave it blank.

My self-respect has now been renounced, but you can still hold on to yours.

That said, under their terms of service, users have to be at least 18 years of age and must sign in with their Facebook accounts, supplying information from their Linkedin accounts.

Additionally, users are explicitly prohibited from submitting false information such as fake Facebook accounts and fake employment history.

” “But you’re also useless after you’ve had coffee…”). The questions on these sites practically beg for insipid responses: “Six things you can’t do without” (“definitely family #1! The best way to generate an entertaining profile is to ask questions that aren’t personal. Personal questions are dangerous because they generate the impression that any fact about someone’s life is intrinsically interesting, which is false.

Beautiful women and rich men are the only ones that never discover this.

The use of dysfunctional logic and made-up facts is encouraged. Whatever you do, please do not: I don’t know if it matters much.

Most people probably only look at the pictures anyway.

The phrases “ivy tower” or “ivied tower” would seem to make more sense.