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"I enjoy life on the road, as I've travelled all my life and enjoy that is it full on. I write, produce and even customise some of the outfits for the tour, as well as all the artwork, photoshoots, interviews and television.

I look knackered most of the time and am glad to get on that bus at the end of the day, just so I can have a rest!

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Singer and TV star Jane Mc Donald, one of the nation’s favourite entertainers, will be in a special concert with her brand-new show!

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Cliccando o navigando sul sito, acconsenti alla raccolta da parte nostra di informazioni su Facebook e fuori da Facebook tramite i cookie.When asked about her new Lycra stage outfits in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Jane joked: "I hope you've got a lot of double stitching."She added: "It feels like I'm in love.I get up every morning and I'm so excited with butterflies, at going in and working with this amazing cast."Jane had tweeted prior to her appearance: "Off to @itv for this lunchtime's @loosewomen for ONE SHOW ONLY on the panel and to chat about my role as Grizabella in @catsmusical @WGBpl."After writing: "Respect to this amazingly talented cast of Cats it's an honour to share a stage with you all.Rather than just getting up on stage and singing a few ballads into the microphone, Jane is planning on performing a mixture of covers and her own songs alongside a massive production that includes a ten-piece band, dancers and costume changes.The 53-year-old explains: "It is going to be an emotional rollercoaster, as one minute we'll be laughing our heads off and then crying the next. "People are quite shocked when they see me perform as they remember me from The Cruise all those years ago but I'll be coming to town with artic trucks and tour buses and there will be a massive stage, with sets, lights and just so much going on."I also wrote the fan song as I'm so grateful after 17 years of touring they are coming and supporting me and keeping me where I am - without the fans it wouldn't happen." The title of her show, Making Memories, also links with her lead role as Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS, which ran for eight weeks at Blackpool Opera House last year.