Japan agreed to give 1 billion yen (.6 million) to a fund to help survivors.South Korea's foreign minister at the time said as long as Tokyo sticks to its side of the deal, Seoul will consider the issue "irreversibly resolved."But the deal was criticized by advocacy groups for former comfort women.

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Its CEO Hideki Yamanaka makes almost US$500,000 annually.

To protect his valuable staff, he has installed security cameras around the café, and steps in when employees are harassed by customers – he showed Get Rea!

Mr Tetsuya Shibui, a journalist who has written about the JK industry for more than two decades, explained: “As long as there is a desire to meet and interact with high school girls, I think there is no end to generating new (business) ideas.”And thus, businesses like JK Special have sprung up as places where JK girls can mingle with their fans, a large proportion of whom are middle-aged men.“This is one way to reduce the stress I experience at work,” said one such café customer.

“I get to talk to teenagers about unusual topics, like make-up products.”Another customer said that it was a chance to make up for a youth spent in an all-boys school.

That prompted a public outcry and two days later the officials gave into the pressure, apologizing to the group and allowing it to erect the statue on the road in front of the Japanese Consulate.

The two countries had reached an agreement on the comfort women issue in December 2015.“There were not many opportunities to meet high school girls,” he said.“So I want to become a high school boy again, like I was 20 years ago.”‘FOR GIRLS WHO CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE’The café’s profits have doubled in the last five years.Tokyo will also halt talks with South Korea on a planned currency swap and delay high-level economic dialogue as part of its "initial" response to the statue, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a press briefing Friday.The statue was erected by a civil group in December and represents "comfort women," women who were forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II."The fact that the girls' statue was set up has an unfavorable influence on relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea, and it is extremely regrettable," Suga said.South Korea's semi-official news agency Yonhap reported the civil group first tried to install the statue on Dec.