Thomas Koehler, feeling devastated by the 2011 earthquake disaster, took the inititive to create his own project to raise awareness and show his love for Japan.

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Mordaunt's thoughts still turn to the land of the Rising Sun and to his little sweetheart far across the ocean.

To their great disappointment, the cousins find a great change in their once cheerful playmate.

We take a look at what the Inspire Japan events have meant so far for reconstruction efforts in Japan, what we've accomplished so far (with 48 cities reporting, we've raised over $70,000), and what's next.

We also invite you to continue to support our efforts by donating on the Inspire Japan site, or by pre-buying the Inspire Japan ebook.

since it’s Valentine’s Day i thought this collection of photographs called Japanese Love Story by John Dominis was fitting.

i don’t know what the photographs were taken for or if there is an actual love story behind any of them…

So winning are the ways of the little Japanese maiden, that Jack Tar falls very, very deeply in love with her.

When love enters all else is forgotten, and thus, when the time for the departure of the fleet arrives, the lieutenant awakens to find that it was all a dream, and that it is now time to be up and doing and leave his little sweetheart behind him.

In place of the breezy sailor man is a poor love-sick swain, who can do naught else but sigh the ...

The tinting of these scenes, now purple, now green, now buff, etc., gives the story an unusual atmosphere; but one hesitates in wholly commending the brighter tints as successful. In the story, Yum Yum, a Japanese girl falls in love with a French naval officer.

perhaps just let your imagination fill in the blanks.