In addition, this ensures that the In many applications, the image that is displayed is not determined statically like it is in this example.For example, the image to display might be determined by something that the user clicks. This tutorial shows you how to use the IDE's GUI Builder to generate the code to include images (and other resources) in your application.

java image icon not updating-32

I downloaded hotfix (KB932406 and installed it and rebooted, but the Recycle Bin icon still does not update itself without a manual refresh. wpcoe what happened to you is that you have a shortcut to recycle bin and not the recycle bin itself on your desktop (i just tried it to see if thats it and the shortcut doesn't update).

The way to check is the bottom left corner of the icon has an arrow on it (means shortcut).

If you need to be able to choose the image to display programmatically, you can write your own custom code to access and display resources.

The IDE prevents you from writing code directly in the Source view's "guarded blocks" that contain code generated by the GUI Builder.

Bottom line however, is price even with deep price cuts, AVID cannot compete as they have a layer of dealers to cut into the equation, wanting maintenance contracts and to sell overpriced shared storage systems to counteract the lower headline' costs of the seats.

BTW, anyone criticising AVIDs support would do well to look at Apple's appaling pro tech support, and although AVID have a rep for charging big bucks for tardy upgrades, Apple is WELL behind with a new version of FCStudio, and is in danger of losing market share from it unless it acts soon.

This tutorial has shown you how to access images from an application that you create in the Net Beans IDE.

Image handling is further discussed in the Java Tutorial.

I installed the patch about three weeks ago and have not experienced any problems with the desktop not refreshing itself.

Although I still have the occasional behavior with Vista rearranging icons on the desktop, which can be be fixed by restoring the desktop icon position layout. well my problem is i still cant run i have used command prompt in administrator mode too. it says that 'msg' is not recognized as an internal or external command, blah blah blah i tried it in run as well.

thankx genex3m Did you upgrade Vista from XP or are you running Vista Home Basic or Premium?