Blu Cantrell made headlines in 2001 for her hit song “Hit Em Up Style.” The tune stayed hot on the Billboard music charts.The song was featured on her album , starring Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.

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IVy = a roman numeral for 4 which is Beyoncé’s favorite number and BLUE for Jay-Z’s Blueprint albums.

Wow.” Perhaps at some point the parents will make clear why they chose the name.

R&B singer Blu Cantrell is starting to speak about her relationship with Rapper Jay Z.

A lot of people don't know about the relationship between the two.

Until then, there’s one thing the family is clear about, as proud aunt Solange declared on Twitter on Sunday.

Blue Ivy, she said, is “the most beautiful girl in the world.” [From People] Once again…

At least they have an actual argument based on their shared history for the baby name.

Unlike, say, Apple Martin or Pilot Inspektor or Kal-el Cage/Coppola.

The insider explained, “Blu recoreded a song called “BLU” – which was a song taking shots and Jay Z and Beyonce – for naming their daughter after her.” Media Take heard the tune, and it was catchy – but a bit DISRESPECTFUL in the way they talked about Jay and Bey’s daughter, Blue. There have been rumors about how [Jay] handles his enemies.” And we’re told that Blu was SECRETLY working on releasing the “blu” track, behind Jay Z’s back.