"But Dan's not going to be a stripper forever."Ladies—would you ever date a real-life Magic Mike?

It’ll give you inspiration if you want to upgrade boring date nights at romantic restaurants and add in some gear from the city’s best sex shops.

Here are the best strip clubs in NYC with bottle service, lap dances and burlesque shows to treat yourself (and maybe some lucky friends) to on your next night out.

When you move to New York, no one really tells you that you might have to survive a sex party.

There are plenty of tips on how to enjoy Mission Chinese, or pick which neighborhood you live in, or fight through a 25-minute delay at Queensboro Plaza, but public sex?

Just like Magic Mike dreamed, Dan is part-owner of the club where he works—but just a small part.

The couple is currently discussing a future together—one that does not include Dan's job."Some guys in those clubs, you can tell they are lifers.

But then it's hard to call him a good dancer when he's doing all these body rolls and crawling on the floor and picking up dollar bills with his teeth."Still, she claims jealousy isn't an issue. And I know he doesn't."When it comes to bringing some of his little outfits into the bedroom, which consist of g-strings, sparkly Speedos, and even a cowboy costume complete with a whip and furry boots? But as one might suspect, it's not easy dating a male stripper.

"I don't care about other girls looking at him, and having to touch him... Dan has driven a wedge between Eleni and her mom, who doesn't approve."Things have been much better (between us)," she says of her mom, who has never met Dan, but after finding out his full name, Googled him and was unhappy with what she saw.

Eleni says she doesn't know if Dan is "The One," but she's not ruling it out.