With election year comes slander, controversy and your occasional celebrity political rants.

Politics met entertainment with the latest celebrity rant, coming from Nicki Minaj, in which she rapped in vote of Republican Mitt Romney.

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She is suggesting that women should avoid Black men because they are all violent. Even if I were to give Coulter the benefit of the doubt and believe that this is all some act that she puts on to earn a living, her actions have real world effects.

Her public face is that of a hate monger, thus each day she reduces people of colour for a buck.

Ann Coulter Skiing: Many years ago, I met this blonde on a company ski trip. It expired, but it smells alright, I guess, answering her own question, Ann poured all of it into her mug.

On the first night at the resort, about a dozen of us came back from a bar and gathered around a fireplace. picking up a quart of 1/2 & 1/2 left by the previous occupants.

This was a shock to fans and celebrity bloggers everywhere, but Nicki is not the only popular African-American face that has shown favor to the GOP.

Here is a list of some African-American celebrities who have supported or are affiliated with the Republican party: Source: USA Today LL Cool JLL Cool J attended the Republican Convention in 2004 and has been a supporter of Republican New York governor George Pataki back in 2002.

Keep shuckin’ and jiving cause nothing you are doing is dyn-a-mite.

As the next Presidential election draws nigh in November, the two most popular candidates, Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have been paving the campaign trail.

Clearly, all Walker saw was the long blonde hair and legs and any sense he may have had went out the window.