From social networking sites, newspapers, mobile networks to piggy-backing on female sex worker networks, gigolos in Ahmedabad are leaving no stone unturned in making a career of sex.Boys between 19 and 25 years earn lakhs, operating from a maze of networks, handled by high-profile co-ordinators.

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Educated boys in the medical, engineering and other professions have also been drawn into the trade.

Well-known clubs, discotheques and coffee shops are common pick-up points.

As a sex worker, I make Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 depending on who I am catering to and how much time I give.

Everyone likes easy money, especially when it comes with sex, something which all of us enjoy.

"My girlfriend was a friend of this local co-ordinator who got me into the business.

Today I earn Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 per night, 20 per cent of which goes to the group co-ordinator." Shah says: "Every new member is enrolled as a silver, gold or platinum member depending upon the joining fees which decides the frequency of clientele."These young boys spend over half their income on grooming which includes regular visits to the best health clubs, saloons, body treatments and the works.

Yes, there are bachelorette parties where girls do it just for fun but they do not form major chunk of my clientele.