In 1954 she co-starred with her father, Henry Fonda, in a production of around this time.In the late 1960s, Fonda recreated herself as a type of sex kitten under the direction of her French filmmaker husband Roger Vadim.She launched an immensely successful series of aerobic-exercise videos..

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Many were particularly upset by Fonda's decision to pose for photos while sitting on an antiaircraft gun, one used to shoot at American troops.

She was given the nickname "Hanoi Jane" and seen as a traitor for her support of the North Vietnamese.

They welcomed their son Troy Garity that same year.

When Troy was a teenager, Fonda also unofficially adopted a young African-American girl named Mary Williams.

Martin Sheen plays Fonda's husband, Robert, and Sam Waterston plays Tomlin's husband, Sol.

That year Fonda also delivered a standout performance alongside Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel in Fonda has been married three times—all of these unions ended in divorce.

Art mirrored life in this case, with Fonda playing daughter to her real-life father.

Katharine Hepburn also starred as Fonda's mother.

Married in 1991, the pair stayed together for a decade.