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1), while the others are often referred to by their number in the lineup (e.g., “the tenth” or “number fourteen” and so on).

Note: The court terminology used in Goryeo times was reflective of an empire (as opposed to a kingdom, which Joseon terminology reflects).

He carries a sword, and is headed toward the capital city of the Goryeo nation, with a team of riders in tow.

The riders gallop into the heart of the city, causing a ruckus and sending alarmed bystanders darting out of their path. In order of appearance: Tenth prince EUN (Baekhyun) is mischievous and joking, and seems to always be paired with fourteenth prince JUNG (Ji-Soo).

and then, she’s dragged underwater by some unknown force.

The last thing she sees as she looks up toward the water’s surface is the thinning of the crescent as the moon covers the sun.We learn a few things in the princes’ exchange: So and Wook are the same age; there are rumors of So killing people viciously, in a wolf-like manner; and So, fourteenth prince Jung, and eyelinered Yo all share a mother.Also, So is only here for a short time before returning with his entourage to the northwest city of Shinju.But while the people of the times used terms like emperor and imperial highness, we often refer to them as kings now, so for consistency’s sake I’ve stuck to mostly using terms like kings and princes. A young woman huddles forlornly on a pier that overlooks a mountain spring, sporting a busted lip and wounded heart.We haven’t learned her name yet but it’s GO HA-JIN (IU), and she swigs from a soju bottle before noticing that the homeless man sitting nearby (Kim Sung-kyun) is eyeing the bottle thirstily.The leader’s face is partially masked, and he is identified as WANG SO (Lee Jun-ki), the fourth imperial prince of Goryeo (he would later become the fourth king). Third prince YO (Hong Jong-hyun) has a devious look to him, in contrast to smiling thirteenth prince BAEK-AH (Nam Joo-hyuk).