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Beginning in 2009 or possibly 2010, mobile phone numbers are expected to become 11-digits long.

This is due to exceptional growth in demand for mobile phones in India.

So if you have a 10-digit Kolkata phone number that starts with a '9', you can be certain that it is a mobile number.

Beginning in 2009 or possibly 2010, mobile phone numbers may become 11-digits long to accommodate growing demand for more mobile phones.

This change is expect to be accomplished by adding an extra '9' to the start of all existing mobile numbers.

Read more Click here for more information on mobile phone numbering in India.

Despite it's large population, Kolkata proper currently has only one area code / city code and that is: ''.

You need to dial this 2-digit area code, along with an 8-digit local subscriber number, for all inbound international calls to Kolkata landline phones.

[Note: In 2009 / 2010, India mobile phone numbers are expected to change to 11-digits on account of rapid mobile phone growth. Read more] These differences affect how you dial an inbound international call (or a domestic long distance call) - especially with respect to whether you do or do not include the Kolkata area code.

Read below for further information, including how to tell a mobile from a fixed line number.

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