A few people who have caught AIDS this way seem to have had open sores or gum disease in their mouth or throat at the time. Isn't it that an hiv infected fluid (ie blood,semen,vaginal,saliva) can infect a skin if it has an open wound, abrasion & open sore. Could you tell me specifically what'a an ideal sore? if it's a different thing, what is a rash & could it be infected with the said hiv infected fluid?

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Intact skin acts as a natural barrier against transmission. I don't feel the need to go into details about the relationship between sex and blood.

It's considered a low risk method for catching HIV, although it's not a zero risk practice.

It doesn't have to be clean-cut like lacerations--with sores, your skin would at the very least be abraded (gasgas), and abrasions are still breaks in the skin's continuity.

With rashes, there is no break in the skin's continuity, so it is not a wound. Some rashes will have blistering or secondary wound formation due to scratching, skin inflammation and thinning, etc.

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