Kate Lynne Nauta (born April 29, 1982), who goes by Katie Nauta in the modeling industry, is an American fashion model, actress and singer.

One of her major roles on screen was Lola in Transporter 2.

Kate is only in her early 30s, and that might be why she is still so charming and beautiful.

Although, she has given a variation in her style and appearance but is nevertheless loved by her fans in any ways.

She was born on the 29th of April 1982 in Salem, Oregon but was brought up in Woodburn and studied at the Woodburn Junior School, after which she graduated from Woodburn Memorial Academy.

Before graduating, she had been in several small plays and dance shows in her school’s events, and that had made up her mind to become what she always wanted to become.

In other words, they are the type of couple that make you feel so excited to experience and find that good love for yourself. I had just moved to city to model and was dating one of Rob’s friends.

So, from dressing up to impress one another or doing something unexpected to make their day better, Kate and Robbie exemplify the way that true love should make us look, act, and feel. A bunch of us shared a house together in the Hamptons on the weekends.My girlfriend and I quickly found comfort at his place after we found out he’d make a fresh pot of pasta, stuffed artichokes, accompanied by wine and a blazing fire … We are currently doing that now as we answer these questions. He just bought me my first surfboard and I’m totally stoked especially when I see the look on his face after I catch a wave. Kate: A perfect date is when Rob calls me from work and says to pick out something nice to wear as he will be taking me out for dinner in the city that evening. My favorite nights are when Kate surprises me with one her delicious dinners and a bottle of wine. It’s always a surprise and usually ends in a night at the Carlyle listening to jazz. We forget about work, and our busy lives, talk about life and make each other laugh really hard. His childlike, adventurous spirit is inspiring but when it’s time to slow down, I think that’s where the two of us balance each other out. After two years of marriage and four years of being together we truly have enjoyed many special moments together. Alessandro Gassman and Kate Nauta as bizarrely dressed villains.When kidnappers strike he ends up being both the prime suspect and the only hope the parents have of getting their bundle of joy back alive.Her success and fame has spread wide, and her net worth value of 0 thousand dollars is also a proof of her success in Hollywood.