An insider told Mail Online: 'Kim is far from impressed - she had been looking forward to seeing Jonathan at her Mum's annual Christmas party but he didn't want the confrontation so he skipped the party to go to Miami.

'Kim has made it clear that if Jonathan is to do the show that she wants to be across for the selection process of his dates and will be giving her opinion to her best friend whilst he is in the UK filming.'It come as Jonathan was reportedly the subject of a reality show bidding war - as a source told Mail Online that Channel Five want Jonathan to take part in Celebrity Big Brother while E4 are interested in him appearing on Celebs Go Dating.

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Marquette King, 28, must have a lot on his mind after rumors began circulating that he and Kim Kardashian, 36, were hooking up behind Kanye West‘s back — and now his NFL team the Oakland Raiders are worrying, Hollywood has learned EXCLUSIVELY.

“Kim Kardashian and Marquette King rumors are freaking out players on Marquette’s Raiders football team,” an insider tells us.

And considering she's at that age of the terrible two's, you'd be forgiven for thinking that she's not all that happy with the thought of having a new brother or sister. According to , 'North kind of understands there’s a baby in mommy’s belly, but she thinks everyone has one.' That's going to be some reality check come December, huh?

Seriously though, we're over the moon for this young family — congrats, guys!

“Guys on the squad are nervous about the effects of a distraction of a celebrity like Kim could be on the team’s chemistry.

Leaders on the team have already talked with Marquette in the locker room about squashing any romance between he and Kim before it affects the team who are Super Bowl contenders.

“She’s very much in love with her husband and wouldn’t ever think to cheat on him. Hollywood Lifers, what do you think of the Raiders being worried?

where Tom Hanks plays on the larger-than-life piano.

The 36-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wore a brown fur coat with sheer plunging top that showcased her ample bosom.