..') Bubble (and Squeak) - Greek (a Greek person), or a magistrate or judge (beak) or wife (based on rhyming bubble with trouble, from trouble and strife) (Buckshee is not cockney rhyming slang for 'free', as some sources suggest, including here previously.

I am grateful to Huw Thomas for pointing me in the right direction about the actual origins of Buckshee.) Bull and cow - row (argument, not row of beans or row a boat) Butcher's (butcher's hook) - look ('give us butcher's..') Canoes - shoes Chalfonts (Chalfont St Giles) - piles (Haemorrhoids) Charlie (Charlie Hunt) - (yes you guessed it again - remember it next time you call someone a right charlie) Chewy toffee - coffee China (china plate) - mate ('me old china') Christmas crackers - knackers (testicles) Christmas crackered - knackered (worn out, exhausted, broken, etc) Cloud seven - heaven Cobblers (cobblers awls, or cobblers stalls) - Balls (testicles, 'you're talking cobblers') Coco/Cocoa - say so (see variations below) Cream crackers/crackered - knackers/knackered (testicles/worn out - also producing the expression 'creamed' meaning exhausted or beaten) Crust (crust of bread) - head Daisy Roots - boots Deep sea diver - fiver (five pounds, especially a five pound note - see money slang) Desmond (Desmond Tutu) - two-two (2ii, a lower 2nd class UK university degree) Dickie Bird - word Dickie Dirt - shirt Ding dong - sing song (now evolved to mean argument or fight) Dipstick - prick (bet you never knew that was rhyming slang) Dirty Den - ten pounds, particularty a ten pound note (see Dirty Den in the money slang page) Dog and bone - phone Donald Duck - luck (or fuck) Douglas Hurd - third (third class university degree) or turd D'Oyly Carte - fart Duch (duchess of Fife) - wife ('me old Duch') Duke of Cork - talk Dunlop Tyre - liar Dustbin lids - kids Earwig - twig (understand, to catch on - now evolved to mean eavesdrop) Elephants (elephants trunk) - drunk Farmers (farmer Giles) - piles (haemorrhoids) Flounder and dab - cab (taxi-cab - seemingly becoming popular again - this slang originated in the mid-1800s when it would have referred to a horse-drawn cab) Flying duck - (yes you guessed it - and now more commonly evolved back to give the expression 'couldn't give a flying fuck') Frog and Toad - road Gary (Gary Glitter) - Bitter (the beer, as in 'a pint of Gary', first recorded 1980s), also Shitter (as in backside or anus - later, from the 1990s, presumably after Gary Glitter's conviction for child pornography offences.) Geoff Hurst - first (a 1st class university degree) German band - hand (particularly used in plural: 'Germans' for hands - apparently German bands were commonly seen in London in the early 1900s - I am grateful to C Isaacson for confirming that 'Germans' was a common expression for hands in 1950s London) Greens (greengages) - wages (money) Ginger (ginger beer) - queer (homosexual) Gipsy's (gipsy's kiss) - piss (urination - this is the noun sense of a piss rather than verb 'to piss'.

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Many original cockney rhyming slang words have now entered the language and many users are largely oblivious as to their beginnings.

If you want to learn more about cockney rhyming slang, the Cockney Rabbit book below is highly recommended.

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Cockney rhyming slang is an amusing and interesting part of the English language.

For additional entertainment try the excellent free online translation site at uk where you can translate phrases and emails into cockney rhyming slang (as well as other slang styles).

See also the cliches origins section on this website for other amusing and interesting derivations, definitions and origins of expressions and words.

Please contact me with your earliest recollections of the Jimmy Choo rhyming slang, and especially if this is commonly shortened to Jimmies, or Jimmy's?

..) Joanna - piano (cockney pronunciation of piano would be 'piana') J Arthur (J Arthur Rank) - wank (masturbate) Jodrell Bank - wank Joe Soap - dope (stupid man) Kettle (and hob) - watch (fob watch - Ack M Kelsey - 'Kettle' means 'watch'.

It's a very full dictionary of Cockney rhyming slang, written with humour and lots of useful side information about the roots of these wonderful cockney rhyming words and meanings.