Nahant Long Beach is another great spot and offers a mile long beach for water sports enthusiasts.

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We always keep an eye on you and in case you need our help we are immediately with you by kite or rescue boat.

Kiteboarding is now the fastest growing sport in Massachusetts and New England.

To anyone who wants to get up and riding, I highly recommend New England Kite School.

They make the learning experience as easy as it could be and a whole lot of fun.”“Took the camp course with Benny a few months ago and was amazed at how fast I was able to progress.

The instructor was available whenever the wind conditions allowed for a lesson and always focused on giving constructive and productive instruction to get the students riding to the best of their ability.

In the few short weeks that I attended lessons with Benny I saw my kiting skills develop and gained the confidence to ride on my own.We follow a teaching model designed by PASA, the Professional Air Sports Association, the nationally recognized organization for kiteboarding in the United States.At New England Kite School our ultimate goal is to keep Kiteboarding in Massachusetts a safe and positive activity for everyone at the beach.As an absolute beginner you normally need about 10 hours of lessons to control the kite, do the first water-start attempts and ride the first meters so that you can then go into rental and continue to practice on your own under our supervision. Fair prices due to hourly fees instead of full-course fees.I started as a beginner and would absolutely recommend. Original review on Google We had a great time with Daniel that is a fantastic guy and really a good kite instructor.The place is excellent both for learners and for experienced kites. Original review on Tripadvisor Excellent, took lessons with Daniel, great guy puts the extra effort so that you learn properly, one of the best lessons I have seen ....