" Kitty hollers erotically as she releases her sex juices onto Dudley's member."HAAAAAAAAAA!

" Dudley exclaims as he looks down at his covers and looks at his morning wood.

Dudley thrusts in & out of her faster as he grabs her huge breasts and started massaging them again.

kitty katswell dating dudly puppy fanfiction-12

" Kitty exclaims loudly & sexually."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

"He pounds into her at quick lightning speed."HUH!?

Soon, Dudley was finished eating the bacon."Okay, Kit-Kat. " Dudley said as he feeds her some more grapes."Mmmmmm! Dudley then lies down above Kitty on the towel and continues feeding her the grapes."This sure is a good spot!

"Kitty laughs sexually."I know you will, Duds baby." she said sexually. He puts a grape to Kitty's face and Kitty eats it."Mmmmm! " she said in a sexy tone."I'm glad that you love it, Kit-Kat! Dudley looks down to see her breasts bounced as she eats the grapes."Oh fuck!

" Dudley hollers as he pounds into his girlfriend at extremely fast pace.

" Dudley growls as he releases his seed deep into Kitty's insides."Ahhhh!

" he said as he rubs her breasts and feeds her grapes at the same time.

She then pulls down Dudley's black swim trunks, exposing his erected member."Oh yeah!

Will she take it likely or will she call him an idiot. Dudley was in his racecar bed, fast asleep."Oh, yeah! Kitty was in her skimpy dark green bikini top & black bikini bottoms. Kitty was feeding Dudley some bacon."Do you like that, Dudley baby?