Only some times, when we go in public and people stare that I feel uncomfortable,” he said.

“I am not going to marry her if that is what you are asking,” he smiled.

“Nevertheless, I do not really worry much about the future.

I met many people who are my age and have sugar mommies.

Now I am used to it and it does not bother me much.

The person agreed to talk to me as long as I do not mention his name in my articles. His sugar mommy claims to be 45, but he thinks she is a lot older than that. I have never thought things will turn out like this. We didn’t have any sexual relationship at this time.

I joined collage and it was after that I understood she was looking more than just a friend.

I did not hesitate to fulfill her needs since I owe her a lot.

She wants me to be the best I can and I really admire her for that. Her husband is old and I do not think she likes him at all.

So, they will look to other places to fulfill their needs.

There are also women who married rich men they do not really like.

In our cases, we are mostly old enough to make wise decisions and to understand the consequence of our actions.”The thing with Abush is so complicated that he claims he has a girl friend that he loves very much. I am saving money now so that we will have a better life in the future,” he said. Gym is a nice place to meet these women and so many young men are coming knowing this opportunity.