"Kurds have long been oppressed because they did not know any other language," Turk said.

"I promised myself that I would speak in my mother tongue at an official meeting one day." Vote-getting stunt ahead of elections Turk was aiming at Turkey's tension between suspicion dating from the demise of the Ottoman Empire that outsiders and minorities can threaten state unity, and moves toward the kind of Western-style democracy that would consider such a language ban to be an affront to human rights.

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She added: “I’ve never seen a man put his had up a skirt looking for a library card!

Qualifications don’t really matter.” Lucie, a mother-of-one, added: “We haven’t really got any significant qualifications, so women shouldn’t let that hold them back.

Dengir Mir Firat, a Kurdish official in the governing party, has said some laws that restrict Kurdish rights should be rescinded, and that their repeal would undercut support from disaffected Kurds for the Democratic Society Party.

Turk's party has 21 legislators in the 550-seat parliament, and Erdogan's efforts to court Kurdish support with economic aid and promises of more freedom has sapped some of its support.

State-run television immediately cut off the live broadcast of legislator Ahmet Turk as he spoke in his native tongue, Kurdish, ostensibly to celebrate UNESCO world languages week.

But Turk's real aim was to challenge the longtime cornerstone of Turkish policy toward its restive Kurdish population, a suppression of rights that only began to ease in recent years.Moreover, Turkey's power structures could be at odds over what course to take: the Islamic-oriented government has often sparred with secular circles backed by the judiciary and the military.Kurdish banned in many official locations Kurdish was banned in Turkey until 1991, and today it is barred in schools, parliament and other official settings on the grounds that it would divide the country along ethnic lines.“I live a good life, i’m happy with my little family and having a stack of qualifications wouldn’t have helped that.” The new business venture comes just a week after Sophie exclusively told The Sun Online that she had been on a date with Big Brother winner Jason Burrill – who splurged a staggering £10k on her on just the one evening.She told us: “I’m really down to earth and would be happy with a bag of chips – but he took me to Nobu!Also, private NTV television reported that prosecutors launched an investigation of Turk himself, though it was not clear whether he would face charges.