They like the ability of Western men to put personality above age and appearance, as well as their more refined tastes in sex, which is not solely based on physical needs.Westerners accept, and enjoy, a Chinese woman’s children as well as the woman herself.

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These women want to find a husband to love and to be loved, and they also hope he will bring them a better life.

Sometimes a better life doesn’t mean money and a house, but rather spiritual nourishment.

I started to write to her and she reponded to me with the help of the good people in, we started to communicate.

Now I am with a beautiful and loving Chinese lady that I meet through your site.

As the world becomes more internationally connected, more and more cross-cultural love, relationships and marriages will fill this category.

Just like some women anywhere else in the world, there are some Chinese women who want money or a foreign passport and will use Western men to get them.One of the twelve questions she posed was: “Do you think Chinese women are different from Western women? ” The answers she received were all definitely “yes”, noting both cultural and physical differences.The results were very close to those found in my own cross-cultural experience.All in all, Chinese women are pleased with the Western attitude towards love and marriage.Falling in love without expecting to: In this case, the couples are normally not aware of the difference in race or culture before falling in love. Cultures, beliefs and values are all worked out by the people. Without the help of, it could have been impossible for us to know each other. I want to thank them with all my heart for making this great adventure possible!