"The interconnected stories are as much about sex as gender." And sexuality and race and class and how they all rub up against each other, Mohanraj adds.

The nuns drilled in the message that sex could get you into big trouble.

But Mohanraj says it was at least better than the sex ed some others were getting, as she discovered when she moved to Utah to do her Ph. "Some of my college students thought you couldn't get pregnant if you had sex standing up," she recalls, still aghast.

But Mohanraj felt that, come what may, she needed to tell the truth about sex.

Julie Shigekuni, who was her adviser when she was doing her master's in fine arts at Mills College in Oakland, noticed that passion.

"I started dating white boys and started several years of arguments with my parents," she says.

It was very typical immigrant drama, she remembers -- big fights when she came home followed by her mother cooking her favorite curries.

It was going to be a Sri Lankan immigrant fairy tale come true.

Groomed by nuns at Holy Cross school in Connecticut, Mary Anne Mohanraj, the daughter of Tamil immigrants, would go to college, become a lawyer or a doctor and then settle down into a happy arranged marriage ...

So much of it, in fact, that Intersmut magazine dubbed her the "queen of the stories newsgroup." Now after several hot-off-the-Internet collections of steamy sex writing, South Asia's most famous smut author has expanded her literary repertoire.