The experiences you gain from dating will prepare you for a temple marriage.The chances for a happy, healthy temple marriage are much greater if you only date other Latter-day Saints who uphold the same standards.

It is up to you to continue to meet this woman or the Chinese man. Look for forums, chat rooms, messaging and contact lists.

The best way to find a dating site that is right for you is to ask friends for recommendations.

It is better to not date then to date someone who does not respect you.

As a son or daughter of God you have a right to be respected, as well as respect those you date.

One of God's greatest commandments is to keep the law of chastity, which means to not have any sexual activity outside of marriage.

While dating you should always respect both yourself and your date by refraining from thinking, saying or doing anything that stimulates feelings of desire and arousal.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ you are strongly encouraged to only date other members of our faith.

Because of our high standards, we believe in only dating those who respect and keep the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Steady dating at an early age leads so often to tragedy.