This much Marie knew of their trip that she and Nan were going on a cruise, but anything past that Nan had refused to tell her.The last detail that Nan had with held from Marie was that they were going on a nude cruise.

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Realizing that her friend was drawn to her breasts, Nan straightened her body causing her breasts to stick out even more.

"Some where warm and sunny where you can be totally free and uninhibited," Nan said startling Marie.

"My god how I would just love to take those nipples into my mouth," she thought.

But Nan, while not knowing that Marie was having the same thoughts about her own tits, knew that there would be time for that later.

"I'm sorry Nan, I didn't mean to space out on you," Marie said as she turned her attention back to her traveling companion.

It was at that moment she noticed just how attractive Nan was.

What it would feel like to take Nan's hard stiff nipples into her mouth and suck on them.

Looking over at her sleeping friend, Nan couldn't help notice Marie's hard nipples poking through her shirt.

Totally lost in her thoughts she suddenly found herself imagining herself with Nan.

"Wait...proper young ladies don't have these kinds of thoughts," she said to herself.

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