Teenage Dating/Relationships; Serious and Casual: Most teens would say, “I believe everyone my age ‘is doing it’ — and so long as I use protection, I am being responsible about it.” In today’s reality, teens date, have relationships, and “kick it,” which may include sexual touching, and even lead to sexual intercourse. I am with my boyfriend or girlfriend.” However, often times the teen couples are in different grades and are different ages.

That is where the legal issues become very serious and most teens and their parents are not aware of the potential life changing consequences they could face.

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The information in this article is the author’s own summation based upon WI statutes and her own examples for simplicity.

In many states, "Romeo and Juliet" clauses exist which allow certain exceptions to statutory rape laws.

(Most persons found guilty of a sex crime must register as a sex offender, however there is an exception under certain conditions when both individuals are minors and not more than 4 years apart.) EXAMPLE: A freshman girl (14-15 years old) is dating a junior guy (17 years old) and they are having sexual relations. You might say, “Well, I cannot be charged, I did not even know how old this girl was — she told me she was 17 years old.” Think again.

Again this may not seem wrong to the teenage couple who are in a committed relationship or even casually dating BUT this is VERY wrong and illegal under the law. Wisconsin does not allow for a defense because the vistim intentionally misrepresented her age to the defendant. In Wisconsin, a parent/guardian is responsible for the welfare of a child who is under the age of 16, and is liable if he/she has knowledge that there is an intention for boyfriend/girlfriend to have sexual contact or intercourse with their teenager and does not prevent it OR that their teenager is having sex or engaging in sexual contact and fails to take action. EXAMPLE: Ben is a 17 year old junior who has dated Christine, a 15 year old sophomore sime they were in middle school.

Perhaps your 18 year old son was seeing a young female with similar interests – the two probably looked the same age.

In a disastrous turn of events, it turns out she was under the consensual age in the state of Wisconsin.Flexible payment plans offered by Grieve Law prove we are interested in more than pocketing your hard-earned cash – we are just as hard-working as anybody and care about genuinely helping your case.Working out a personal payment plan for affording a Milwaukee defense attorney makes it entirely possible for you to get the representation needed to have your loved one’s charge significantly reduced or altogether dropped.With today’s technology ending the age of privacy, the result of terms like “sexting” carry significant weight in supplying prosecutors with evidence proving sexual conduct took place.If sexual photographs of the minor are on the young man's cell phone – even if the girl was the young man's girlfriend – the charge could then become child pornography.17 You are considered a minor (someone who is not an adult) if you are under 18 years old.