Striker looks somewhat like a traditional dating site you should be an equal mix of male and female.

we are naturally drawn to people who think as we do,? with topics touching on nearly every aspect of a person’s thinking ?

so Ok Cupid was absolutely the best site for the researchers to use to conduct this study.

When it comes to politics, opposites don’t usually attract. we visit a person’s dating site profile and it gives clues to political affiliation ? And that has important implications beyond the households that politically similar individuals may form, he says.? Simply put, our society has become more and more polarized, and we wanted to explore if political preferences in romantic relationships could begin to explain part of the divide in America.?

or, as in the case of my own dating site profile, outright states that I’m a liberal ? Sanford Business School political economist Neil Malhotra became interested in the topic as he observed increased partisan polarization in the U. At the highest levels within our political system, we increasingly see that people are unwilling to work and communicate with each other,? (Stanford University School of Business) In September, 2012, Malhotra and Yale researcher Gregory Huber worked with popular dating site Ok Cupid to conduct a study: ? It’s important to note that Ok Cupid is the only free dating site that has hundreds of comprehensive questions that users can answer ?

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But for me, if they’re too far right of the center, it’s almost always a deal breaker.

My conservative friends assume I’m a zealot and a “weirdo” for refusing to consider dating a Republican man.

(Stanford University School of Business) Alex Fondrier, creator and chief executive officer of Political Matchmakers, the company that owns the websites? This is not to suggest that I’m not genuinely interested in finding a life partner or that online dating is a game to me, but? So liberals: marry other liberals and make lots of babies, especially if you live in Texas.

I’m also pleasantly surprised to find that I’m not alone.

Generally, couples start out with shared political interests rather than grow more alike with age.