“Yes, it’s true,” Brooke tells satellite radio show on Tuesday.

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Beyond their matching hairdos, it's hard to see what the pair has in common.

And aside for a penchant for dating older women, little else is known about Charlie Hill. I wish them the best,' he told celebrity website Radar

Linda, 48, has been spotted out and about with 19-year-old Charlie Hill, but has remained mum on the news.

Daughter Brooke, however, confirmed her mom’s romance to Michael Yo for his show “Yo on E!

Apparently he was first friends with the couple's 20-year-old son, Nick.

The lovebirds were spotted in downtown Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago looking relaxed and happy and thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

Her entire family is completely batshit insane, but it seems like she’s holding it together relatively well in the face of it.

The Hogan’s have had a rough year, with son Nick Hogan’s arrest for the car crash that left his good friend seriously injured, as well as a bitter upcoming divorce between Linda and Hulk Hogan.

Linda and her 56-year-old reality star ex were married for 24 years before divorcing in 2007, but apparently Hulk, real name Terry Bollea, is over their acrimonious split. Hulk became engaged to his girlfriend Jennifer Mc Daniel last year. While Hulk may be willing to bless his ex's nuptials, it's unlikely that daughter Brooke feels the same way. Online last year Brooke had nothing good to say about Charlie.'He is a loser,' she said.

'I don't have a problem with age - it's more about character.

And she wants him jailed at Pinellas County Jail where their son is incarcerated. not sure if he still loves her or not, but id like to see hulk and that twat linda's dating stuck in a room together. hulk is the man and has always been a wrestling idol of mine since i was a little kid..seems like a cool guy and very chill, and linda just seems like a money grubbing bitch. t=882015 PR'[email protected] BW 135 lb: Fl Bnch:175x5x3 sets;180x3*ATG Sqts:185x5x3 sets*DL:275x1;250x4x2 sets*Dips: 100 lb X6; 55 lb X20*Pllups/Chns: 25 lb X5 for 4 sets*BB Bt Ovr Rws:170x5*Wghtd Cardio:2 mi.