You can both see the process and sit down to enjoy a cigar at the same time.Most of the factories down here are small places, very humble.I don’t know too much technically about hybrids, but I know that when we rolled it up and smoked it, it (corojo 2006) had a very rich tobacco flavor with a little spice and sweetness.

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It’s very expensive to manufacturer cigars in Miami. It was an opportunity to take that work force and tap into that knowledge of tobacco from all of the people here.

Tampa has had a long history with tobacco and Cuban people.

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There were other lines and other companies that we had made cigars with as well. The difference with my factory is that it is actually also a lounge.

Owning my own factory in Little Havana Miami is something I’ve always wanted to do. You can have a coffee and a cigar here while you watch Padilla cigars being made.He told me that I should work with Pepin, and I did. I saw details there that I didn’t see anywhere else. Even the thing that made it special at the time is lost. A lot of people want to know what’s going on with my cigars.Most people will see a Ferrari and think that it’s beautiful, but nobody is really noticing the leather, the interior or the mechanics. That was great and that was the style of cigars that I wanted to make. No Pepin is not making my cigars anymore, but all of the tobacco is coming from its original source. Over time they evolve and they take on the particular characteristics of the soil and the land that they are part of.Today there is no country in the world that products such thick, stout tobacco as Nicaragua. I always tell people if it weren’t for the pizza in Spain, I wouldn’t have access to the quality of tobacco that I have. He’s a Cuban-American who came here when he was 12. Eduardo has always had an interest for agriculture and today he is one of the leading cattlemen, growers of rice, and being a Cuban has a passion for tobacco.If you want to have a great steak, you have to start with a good piece of meat no matter how you cook it. Eduardo actually met Pepin in Nicaragua, and is still partners with El Rey de Los Habanos and that’s how I met him. I felt that like with anything, when you start getting more press and more success, other people, other bigger companies want to start coming in, and that is where, in my opinion, some control is lost.Ernie Carillo kept the factory working here in Miami and kept people working. CP - Was Miami your first choice for a new factory?