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The lhasang isn’t about the bride—British-educated, in her late 20s, a speaker of five languages and principal dancer and singer in the Lingdro Association of India dance ensemble—and it isn’t about the groom—a 43-year-old marathon runner, best-selling author and, so I’m told, “very good golfer.” The lhasang is about place.

(Coincidentally, the Citadel fortress is the only place Jan Watson says she ever saw the groom’s father, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, sit on the earth, that is, without a mat or a cushion.

And in doing so, combine some of the things that are important to Shambhalians with the Highlanders.”“It’s a celebration for the couple and for members of Shambhala,” says Peisinger’s co-organizer Wendy Friedman, “but also we wanted to share that with the greater Nova Scotia community that has been so welcoming.”Bring it on, says Dartmouth resident Brian Crawford.

Crawford’s not a Buddhist but he heard about the wedding a couple of weeks ago and says he’s probably going to the lhasang.“I like to think that Buddhist culture influences Halifax,” says Crawford, a social worker and child protection officer who meditates. But this is for sure: you have to be damn relaxed to plan and pull off a wedding budgeted to cost $196,000.

Except, by Friedman and Peisinger’s account, he’s been helpful and agreeable, not harried and screaming about the state of his manicure.

“He wants to know the colour of the satin backdrop, the design of the ceremonial seats they’ll be sitting on,” says Peisinger.I'll not do body waste animals bad tops tiny dicks limp dicks rude people brrrr.Once you're in control tells me nice admire me and intelligence of conversation people with common interests good conversation at all 3d.You’re very hospitable and you wait and see,” Watson says.“And over the years the hospitality has changed from mere politeness to acceptance and friendship, and in some cases people are very happy that we’re here.”The wedding, Watson hopes, will bring about more awareness of the Shambhala community in Halifax and quash any lingering worry that the Buddhists are weird.“Of course,” she jokes, “you bring all the Tibetans in and perhaps it gets more weird.”Haligonians can conduct their own seismic testing of weirdness at the lhasang Thursday afternoon inside the Citadel.The Blossoming of the Sun Festival is a three-day event taking place June 8 through 10, drawing followers of Shambhala Buddhism to Halifax from all over the world. For invitees—and there are over 1,200 of them confirmed so far out of 10,000 invitations to the worldwide Shambhala population—there’s more, including ceremonies, teachings, a rock show, a golf tournament, a reception and Nova Scotia drive-abouts.