I'll give you a hint: His last name was not Marshall.

PR: No, the Balboni is what you clean up a hockey rink with.

JH: It's a shame, because I bet he never got made fun of for his name. So here's the thing: When you do interviews, people are always like, "Is there anything you'd like to add? PR: I mean, of course, we have the charitable things that are worthwhile, I suppose.

But I recently saw a list of the third-place candidates in the last several elections, and most of them were Ralph Nader.

JH: Well, it helps me to be emotionally naked if I'm physically naked.

PR: When I said, "Jon, I hope you're ready to get naked in this interview," I didn't anticipate that you would actually be physically naked. PR: Well, look, it just didn't seem right— JH: It's great to be naked.

I know it's a fiction movie, but if you ever get stranded on Hoth, you have to cut open your tauntauns and sleep in its guts.

The director of photography on the movie was David Tattersall, who shot the PR: It looks like it's freezing on Hoth.

He looks like an old-time shopkeeper, but he's made of potato chips.

"Tastes great, less filling." PR: They had the campaign with actual pro athletes.

It was during wintertime, so it was sort of snowy and rainy and cold.