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Below you see the dates for the school holidays England 2017 (including Wales). Not all regions/cities have at this moment determined all school holiday dates for 2017. REMARK: 1 week in this period, most regions second week Week 7: e.g. Bury, London and Manchester Thursday 21 December 2017 - Monday 1 January 2018. In most regions the start date is July 25 or 26 2018 and the last day of the school holiday is 31 August 2018. The English and Welsh have a couple times a year a so-called Bank Holiday.

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BSc Health Sciences is a distance learning programme.

Summer Term: 16 April-24 August 2018, with main student activity 14 May-29 June 2018 Details of the dates for these programmes will follow.

Queen Mary's normal hours of operation are 9am-6pm.

These are the times in which students should expect teaching, learning and assessment activities to be timetabled.

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Derby, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Plymouth, Reading, Sheffield).

REMARK: Small differences in start and end date per region possible.

Also some exceptions exist: in Bradford schools are only closed 20 - 22 February. However, in most regions schools are closed from 10-4 to 21-4-2017 (e.g. Bank Holidays are named this because once the banks were closed on these days, all other businesses were closed as well.