Actionscript2 to save and load a first frame, Actions layer, declare your variables ( i will go with "elf" and "arkelf" for example, AND the saving variable.)var savefile = Shared Local("zantetsuken");// here, zantetsuken stands for the name of the save file, which is a .solvar elf = 0;var arkelf = 0;// here, zantetsuken stands for the name of the save file, which is a

which frame/button does it go into the actionscript? i tried to put it in the actionscript of every button but it doesnt work ;-; please please helpoh, also, when i clicked on the sleep button it only gives me 5 hp when i put 50 hp in the sleep button actionscripthere is what i put in the sleep button actionscripton(release)also the day resets back to one after i press the sleep button 10 times :///?

please help me anyone, please please please According to your code, it really should add 1 day and 50 hp.

I want to make a dialogue path for my character, like "saving where you left off" sorta thing, as well as displaying a frame where it tells you that you have too little hp, adding exp and stuff.

The code that's given here doesn't seem to work for CS3, I tried using:on(release){if (exp == 0) else if(hp Oh sorry for the mixup. If you are trying to find her tutorial, just type in the words from the picture "how to make a flash dating sim" into the Deviantart search tab, or search Pacthesis and it should appear.

I keep getting either 'Na N' or '_leve' errors for the variables?

I'm just really confused as to why this is happening.

thanks Haii, which one code should I use to make " buy " button? for me hp is energia, money is pieniadze, day is dzien .

I know those names are strange but I making polish sim dating :3When I try to code the "talk" button, I get several errors in flash (I'm using CS3 btw).

If this looks like a foreign language to you, go to 's page and she has a very neat tutorial on the basics.