I am in Florida where we have no state or local tax withheld from employees.

However, we do have state unemployment that employers pay. BTW, I have been doing the tax files manually for close to 15 years so I'm not a novice at it but I just can't figure this out.

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I looked at the sample companys and there seemed to be absolutely no correlation between tax id and the id that is shown on a particular employees info.

We have a number of clients having problems with Payroll Tax Forms showing as out of date or expired.

Peachtree's payroll tax forms are actually maintained by a company call Aatrix and the updates for these forms are not contained in the normal Payroll Tax Table Updates you are used to.

If the payroll tax forms are out of date and you do not get a message to update them in Peachtree, there is a way to update them manually.

Use the information that you have in your Peachtree Maintained tables for Federal, FICA, Medicare and GA.

Copy the formulas to word and then copy them to the User maintained tables.

Most States have their tax rates and tables published on their State Government web site.

Many times States update withholding rates and tables only every few years, As the laws change, but they also update more than once a year, if the laws change mid year.

When you go into Payroll Tax Forms in Peachtree and try to open a tax form, the program should automatically check to see if your forms are out of date and give you the opportunity to update them immediately.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen and you are stuck with forms you cannot use.

Use the same naming convention that PT uses for both the tax ID and tax name.