You don't assume you just "deserve" a CEO position if you've never held another office job, and wait around for someone to hand it to you, right?But that's what women (and lots of men) do when it comes to relationships.

In her world, the barrier that separates two single people poses the problem; if you get rid of that and get married, problem solved.

The Case For Settling Her message is clear: Stop nitpicking every date to death and finding reasons not to commit.

About 55 percent of the world's marriages are arranged—90 percent of which happen in India.

The divorce rate, as you know, is roughly 50 percent in this country.

If you're dating and dating and you hate it and wish you could just get married already, well, maybe you should do that.

Exactly that: Get married NOW, and date that person later.Director Natalia Garcia writes, "We are thrilled that Showtime supported this series for as long as they did.And thanks to the fans who tuned in every week and those of you who supported me throughout this journey." From Kamala Devi, a central figure in both seasons: "Thank you fans and friends who supported us through this controversial and groundbreaking project, and special thanks to Creator/Director Natalia Garcia for showing the world that monogamy is not the only option.Though I've never felt the compulsion to get married in the traditional sense, I'll admit, the idea of dating the person you marry is appealing.It's enough to make me wonder if we waste all the good stuff while we're dating and then bore ourselves to tears after vows are exchanged.I got this nutty idea from Hellen Chen, "matchmaker of the century." She thinks dating for years on end is a big mistake. There's no security in dating; she's right about that.