That, and the fact that even though they are married, they are still willing to have an affair with your friend, is probably a big ego boost for her.

Maybe with single guys, she's too paranoid she's compromising on something or other.

She's taking a pretty big risk with these affairs as things could get ugly for her professionally if a wife in these scenarios decided to get nasty. Why take such risks when she could probably get plenty of quality single men with just a little overt effort?

married man dating a single woman-66

She thinks they were "acting like tramps" in dating all these men.

In all other respects she's very good person, but I've never understood this odd dichotomy. Perfects if they were single as she quickly tired of their foibles.

I've heard this idea before as well, but usually it's reversed.

Single people look for affairs with married people because they're worried the other person will fall in love not because they're worried they will.

She has expressed her fear that she falls too easily in love, and would not be able to walk away from a bad relationship if it went south as she would be emotionally invested.

On the flip side she has had a series of serial affairs with married men over the years.

These relationships are her version of a one-night-hookup.

ETA: I promise Fluke's post wasn't there when I started to write mine.

Obviously this happens to everyone at times, but for some people every person they like is unsuitable.

I used to wear a wedding ring when I was out and say i was married just to meet girls like your friend.

Why does she think she's immune from falling in love with a married man? Married men are 'safe' because, well clearly, another woman thinks he's safe enough to be married to!