I heard Tisha Campbell wanted to give input on what went on as far as the show and more money, but I don't know.

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But if you were hoping there’d be a reunion (the show’s last episode aired in 1997), don’t hold your breath.

To give you a brief backstory, in 1996, Tisha Campbell, who we affectionately knew as Gina, filed a lawsuit against Martin Lawrence and the show’s producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assault.

When in actuality it was about their friendship souring and money and "power" after she married Duane and that was all there was all to it.

The key to knowing that mess was bullshit is when you saw Tichina Arnold still working with and being friends with Martin after the fact.

It was very weird, but I handled it as best I could.

I’m humbled by the fact that when I was on Everybody Hates Chris, I would work 16-hour days and come home and have to wipe somebody’s butt. My friends are my friends and I don’t give a damn what people think. It’s about property, belongings, what you built together, what you share together and the things people don’t realize that are caught in the balance of two people not being able to have this union.

Tichina Arnold recently spoke with Essence about her career and her former cast members from Martin. It was something that happened and we dealt with it, but its long been squashed.

Essence.com: So do you still keep in touch with Martin Lawrence?

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Unfortunately it’s been almost a year that her parents, Keshia Knight- Pulliam and her soon-to-be-ex husband, retired NFL player ?

sitcom back in the day, but the rumors we mostly remember hearing were about how Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin couldn’t get along for nothing.